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Meet Patricia McKinney, Co-founder, Director of Marketing & Community Relations

Building relationships has been the core of Patricia's professional journey for over 20 years. Patricia is a graduate of the University of Memphis with a degree in journalism and concentration in advertising. Starting her advertising sales career in the newspaper industry, she learned the principals of working with business owners by building rapport. Once the tides shifted towards digital, print sales decreased and Patricia developed other sources of revenue including, multi-media campaigns that fit the needs of customers as they became more tech savvy.

Listening for pain points and solving problems is the mantra that led her to relationship marketing opportunities. She worked tirelessly to help Greater Memphis Chamber members maximize their investment, using her keen sense of discernment to uncover challenges that they may have and locate the best solutions for their business.

Patricia's experience and focus on building relationships will be key to successfully engaging with Auto-GRO Market's target communities.

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