Farmers market meets automated vending.

About Us


Our mission is to bring nutritious food options to communities that are not served by traditional grocers.   We aim to put an end to food deserts.

Community Engagement

We will actively engage with the communities we serve to educate customers about our stores, understand and meet local grocery needs, and spread the word about healthy food options.


Convenient and efficient, but not impersonal.

Auto-GRO Market will use a field proven platform for customer interaction and delivery of grocery orders.   Customers walk or drive up, place a grocery order using a friendly touch-screen, then collect the completed grocery order.    The automated vending system is capable of dispensing anything from a carton of eggs to a bag of flour.   Remotely connected customer service agents are always available to assist.

Shopping Basket

Projected Opening 


Winter 2021


Memphis, Tennessee


Crate of Vegetables

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